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The Basis of the Company


Carolyn is the founder of Living the Drama Ltd, and as a professional actor, playwright and an experienced teacher, she brings a mix of knowledge and experience to all her projects.   

Working closely with her creative team, her role is to lead, manage and develop the company's vision and ensure its values are upheld.  

In 2004/5 Carolyn trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in London, and after two years as a freelance actor, she founded Acting for Change Ltd in 2007, a company specialising in corporate theatre, training using role play and forum theatre. During this time she wrote numerous scripts and short one act plays. Acting for Change is now owned by David Trevaskis but Carolyn still retains close ties with the company. 

 Her play, 'Silent on the Matter' was successfully previewed in Oxford to excellent reviews.  She has also completed screenplays for two film shorts and has just completed the final script of her new play ‘Birds of Prey’. She is also one of six new writers selected to be part of the Writers' Development group attached to the Oxford Playhouse for a year. 

Carolyn is a Trustee of her 'alma mater' ALRA, a leading drama school based in Wandsworth and Wigan. In addition to her work in the world of Performing Arts and teaching, Carolyn has over 20 years as a management consultant working in both public and private sectors. She has published over 30 articles in a variety of magazines and journals.