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Offbeat Festival 2018, Oxford


We will be performing Beneath the Blue Rinse by Tom Glover at Oxford's Offbeat Festival on 30 June at 1pm at the Old Fire Station.


Beneath the Blue Rinse


Productions plans are underwith with our latest play to be produced is Beneath the Blue Rinse by Tom Glover,  an outrageous comedy which exposes how society views and treats the elderly, exploding stereotypes and questioning the practises of our so-called ‘care system’.   Think Taratino meets 'Last of the Summer Wine'! 

We will be touring Eynsham, Abingdon, Oxford and Cheltenham.  For more details, please look at What's On to book.

Care Home Tour 2018
We're planning to take a new play, Go For It, Girl by Pauline Massey out to a further eight locations in September 2018.
Taking Theatre to Older Audiences

We completed two wonderful short tours in 2017, taking three plays out to different locations in Oxfordshire, where we received a very warm welcome.  Our thanks to:

  • Albany Court
  • Douglas Veale House 
  • London Court
  • Cumnor Hill House
  • Fairfield Homes
  • Ritchie Court
  • Diamond Court
  • The Lady Nuffield

The photo above shows Olivia Busby and Richard Jones in The Owl and the Pussycat - What Happened Next by Viv Peto, and more photos in our Past Productions page, which show scenes from The Wet Peacock by Caroline Morrell, as well.  In May last year, we performed Heart Broken by Stephanie Connell.

Our grateful thanks to The Arts Council England for part funding this work.

Swallows by Bob Whorton


Swallows by Bob Whorton, was performed to great reviews at The Old Fire Station, Oxford on 23 and 24 March, 2017.

Set a few years into the future, Swallows probes the impact of a controversial new law, demanding all hospices, hospitals and residential homes provide a suitable 'dying room' for those who wish to end their lives.  

This moving play explores with sensitivity the choices facing Professor Raymond Parker and the conflict which exists between the different ethical and emotional viewpoints of the Professor, his son and the medical profession.

Bob Whorton brings his direct experience of working within the hospice movement to this heart warming play, which  has a running time of just over one hour, followed by the opportunity for discussion between the audience, the playwright and members of different professional communities.

Do read our blog on the Old Fire Station website.


Birds of Prey


Birds of Prey, a new play, with an all female cast, is about grief, greed, false expectations and the comedic side of tragedy, written by  Stephanie Connell and Carolyn Lloyd-Davies  Although a work of fiction, the play is based on a true story.

Peter and Grace found each other late in life, and knew theirs was a marriage made in heaven - until a life changing event slowly unravels  unexpected, unresolved and painful issues between Peter's adult children and the three women in his life.

To watch someone grieving is at best unsettling and worse an embarrassment, especially when we don't know whether to laugh or cry. 

Following a rehearsed reading, directed by Maurice Thorogood, performed on June 20th at the Actors & Writers London, the play is now complete and plans are underway for a performance in London during 2018.  

Silent on the Matter

Our controversial play Silent on the Matter, explores the age old question of why good people make inexplicably bad decisions and asks the question: to what extent do we really understand the culturally diverse society in which we live?

It's a story about close friends from very different cultures, who believe they truly understand and respect the others' culture, until a shocking decision is made, exposing hypocrisy, betrayal and unspoken conflict, as each relationship falls apart. 

Photo: Savanna Arnold and Macaulay Boulton