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Living the Drama aims are:

1.   To encourage creative new writing for people of all ages, ability and experience, including those with many years experience
       of life and ‘living the drama’.  Our plays have a particular focus on ethical dilemmas, conflicts and pressures which face us
       in today's multi-cultural, ageing and socially diverse Britain.

2.   To take the best plays forward to full professional production, creating a Community Project for all to join in and support.  

3.   To look for ways in which we can widen participation in theatre, by connecting to audiences in 'hard to reach' venues.

Our income is derived from donations, grants, box office takings, and professional fees for service such as training courses or workshops.   We invest all income into on-going and future projects, to benefit new playwrights and community groups.  In order to ensure we remain viable, we apply strict commercial discipline to the business.
At Living the Drama we value:





We treat each individual with respect, offering friendship and encouraging open communication.  We deeply appreciate our volunteers who work with us on Community Production Projects.

We cherish artistic freedom; freedom to play, risk and experiment, to express opinions and feelings however controversial.

We follow sound commercial business practice - always striving for quality and efficiency, aiming to bring out the best in what we do and who we are, so the company can thrive as a social enterprise.

We try to cut through unnecessary bureaucracy, adopting a straightforward approach which everyone can understand, keeping promises and always following up.