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COVID-19 Update : #Penetration Tickets


We're living in unprecedented times and following yesterday's UK Government announcement we, like most theatre venues, have taken the very difficult decision to postpone our next production, #Penetration.

Having spoken with The Cockpit, plus considering various scientific predictions, we believe it's impractical to book anything firm until the first quarter 2021.

There are three main reasons for this:

  • Living the Drama has a duty of care to ensure the dates for the production will be as safe as possible for your health. The worst situation would be to book too early and then have to postpone again.

  • The virus is unknown. Some scientists predict there will be a 'second wave' in the autumn/early winter which could infect more people (but hopefully build up further immunity).

  • Ticket sales. The economy will take a while to recover and entertainment is often the first item to go when your income is reduced.

The cast, crew and the Cockpit are in total agreement with this approach and the Cockpit have been extremely co-operative. They will give a full refund of all tickets booked.

Please contact their Box Office on 020 7258 2925


#Penetration by Carolyn Lloyd-Davies


No one lies about rape. You either consent or you don't. That's absolutely clear. But what about when memories aren't as clear? 

When Sean is accused of rape by Anna, his arrest throws his world into turmoil. Felicity, a lifelong feminist, knows women don't lie about rape just as surely as she knows her son is innocent.  As the story of that drunken night swings between Anna's credible account and Sean's own recollection, the line between verbal and non-verbal consent becomes increasingly blurred. 

'Innocent until proved guilty' is ripped up as Sean is exposed in the press, publicly abused and barred from his university, his course and his future. The interminable wait for prosecution finally drives Felicity from grief to a dark obsession. 

Written by Carolyn Lloyd-Davies and directed by David Trevaskis, #Penetration is inspired by seven true stories between 2014 and 2019. This controversial play explores boundaries, the pervasive damage of social media and exposes the hidden snares of a 'hook up' culture. 


Third Act Playwriting Group


We're a group of aspiring playwrights who meet once a month in north Oxford, to support, encourage and critique each other's scripts. And in spite of the photo we do have men in our group. It's a friendly, supportive and stimulating group of like minded people who love theatre!

If you've got a play in development and you're interested in joining us, email our organiser, Moya Mason

Two or three times a year we also have a 'bring and share' lunch, with the opportunity of showing extracts from your work. 

We look forward to welcoming you!