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The Curious Case of Lady Fowler by Stephanie Connell, has been chosen for our September Care Home Tour, and that we have also secured the wonderful Emma Webb to direct for us.

Emma is a director and facilitator with a background in movement working in the UK and abroad. She has worked as a movement director for Leaning House productions, Human Story Theatre, UnderConstruction Theatre, the Oxford Playhouse and the Old Fire Station/ Crisis, and creates her own work ranging from choreographic to one woman shows, street performance and theatre based. Most recently Emma developed The Elves and The Shoemaker for Wild Boor productions for younger audiences as well as devising a separate, sensory show for an audience with differing needs.

We are especially delighted and grateful to have received funding from Oxford City Council Culture Fund for the tour.

The Cast

We delighted to announce the cast for our September Care & Residential Oxfordshire Tour of The Curious Case of Lady Fowler:

Hetty Bentley plays Ruby Rouge

Stephanie Connell plays Mrs Cream

Dominic McChesney plays Detective Inspector Curious

Matthew Staite plays Dr Damson