of prey


By Stephanie Connell & Carolyn Lloyd-Davies
Artwork: c@web

Birds of Prey, a new play, with an all female cast, is about grief, greed, false expectations and the comedic side of tragedy, written by Stephanie Connell and Carolyn Lloyd Davies.  Although a work of fiction, the play is based on a true story.

Birds of Prey is a cautionary tale.  Peter and Grace found each other late in life, and knew theirs was a marriage made in heaven.  In spite of his complicated past, Peter is pivotal to family unity and harmony, but suddenly his perfect blended family falls apart, unravelling painful and unresolved issues between his adult children and the three women in his life.

To watch someone grieving is at best unsettling and worse an embarrassment, especially when we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A full rehearsed reading was performed in June 2016 at the Actors & Writers London.   Plans are set to develop the play further.

Director – Maurice Thorogood
Assistant Director – Orsolya Naga
Sound – Hedley England


Gaye Poole
as Grace Love

The late Joan Blackham
as Caroline Love

Sophie Morris-Sheppard
as Sara Love

Georgina Armfield

Samantha Parry
as Crystal

Lianne Tucker
as Izzy Love

Georgina Armfield

Leonora Fyfe
as Tapanga Mabasa