TOUR 2018


By Pauline Massey
Artwork: c@web

Go for it, Girl! by Pauline Massey won our Third Act competition for writing a care home play.

Peggy’s husband who has recently departed this life in an unusual way and left her a mysterious message beforehand.  With the help of her son, Jeremy, and her best friend, Marjorie, Peggy learns what this message means and is determined to follow it through.  The reappearance of an old flame, dance teacher and one-time traveller, David, sets the ball rolling.  As Peggy attempts to carry out her late husband’s instructions, unexpected rivalries and tensions emerge. And when Jeremy’s life takes off in a new direction, Peggy must confront her past.  Will it all end happily?

Pauline Massey first began writing in earnest as respite whilst caring for a loved-one with dementia.  She has had short stories published, including three in an anthology sold to raise funds for the JR hospital.  Becoming a member of Third Act enabled her to try her hand at play-writing for the first time.  She also enjoys dancing and travelling, an activity she regards as similar to the ‘adventure’ of writing.

We secured the wonderful Fran Godsal to direct this production for us.


Calum Wragg-Smith
Helen Mosby
as Peggy
Georgina Armfield

Stephanie Connell
as Marjorie

Calum Wragg-Smith

Matthew Staite
as Jeremy

Georgina Armfield

David Shackleton
as David