Carolyn Lloyd Davies has written a new play which was produced by St Matthew’s Church Community and had three performances this Easter.

And a Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul’ tells the Easter story through the eyes of Jesus’ mother Mary, bringing together a company of 45 volunteers, aged 25-80 plus, including actors, musicians, singers, visual artists and crew – all from the local community.

Diversity was an essential part of the creative vision as they wanted to ensure the cast included a diverse range of people which truly reflects the demographic of Oxford, in terms of race, faith, culture and special needs.

The Oxford Diocese and Passion Trust funding made the project possible.

Performance dates were 13-15 April, 2022.

And A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul poster


Christi Warner as Mary, Mother of Jesus

Christi Warner as Mary, Mother of Jesus

Michael Curran as Herod and Joazar

Michael Curran as Herod/Joazar

Regan Quadros as Jesus

Regan Quadros as Jesus

Steve Walker as Caiaphas

Steve Walker as Caiaphas

Nana Yaa Rowe as Mary Magdelen

Nana Yaa Rowe as Mary Magdelen

Chris Taft as Pontius Pilate

Chris Taft as Pontius Pilate

Peter Tickler as Nicodemus

Peter Tickler as Nicodemus

Hetty Bentley as John

Hetty Bentley as John

Radcliffe Lisk as Simon Peter

Radcliffe Lisk as Simon Peter

Ambrose Hogan as Judas and Asst Director

Ambrose Hogan as Judas and Asst Director


Stream Theatre


We were able to stream the film version of the play during January and March this year on demand with Stream.Theatre, to give all those who didn’t have the chance to see our play.

We plan to show the film to schools as part of their sex education.  More news at it comes.



Front cover Penetration

We’re so excited to let you know that our playtext for Penetration is now out on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions! Published by Aurora Metro

Do feel free to leave a review after you’ve bought a copy!

The Spectator

Every teenager and student in the country should see this play. This is a script to raise whirlwinds.

London Theatre Review

An important piece for our times.

The Reviews Hub

Should be seen by everyone over the age of consent.

London Theatre 1

Plenty of food for thought.

That Stagey Blog

 Congratulations to everyone involved. Stunning performances and brilliant writing.

Penetration by Carolyn Lloyd-Davies, is a socially provocative piece of theatre, of particular significance in the light of recent shocking reports.

Based on true events, the play follows the stories of Anna, a rape complainant, and Sean, the defendant, with insight and sensitivity.  Anna’s manipulative and coercive boyfriend James, adds an additional overtone to the play, as does the perspective of Felicity, Sean’s mother, who is convinced of his innocence.  This multi-layered play aims to jolt the audience into exploring parameters of consent, focussing on the impact of toxic coercive relationships, the power of social media and the need for healthy sexual boundaries especially when alcohol or drugs blur the lines.

Directed ‘in the round’ by David Trevaskis, at The Cockpit theatre in Marylebone, London, the audience experience the power of ‘close up’ theatre and ultimately come to their own conclusion on what exactly constitutes consent.

Comments from a rehearsed reading included:

“This makes the audience ask questions they may not want to answer.”

“Makes you re-evaluate your boundaries.”

“Powerful, stirring and unnerving.”

Ran from 22 September until 9 October, 2021 at The Cockpit, and was a huge success.

Age Guidance: 16+, sexual content, swearing and reference to rape


You can listen to Carolyn’s interview with Miriam Higgins and Krage Brown of Oxfordshire Theatre Makers on their podcasts.

Carolyn shares some great playwriting tips, tricks and advice.

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We’re a group of aspiring older playwrights who meet once a month, usually in north Oxford, but at the moment via Zoom, to support, encourage and critique each other’s scripts.  It’s a friendly, supportive and stimulating group of like minded people who love theatre!

Two or three times a year we also have a ‘bring and share‘ lunch, with the opportunity of showing extracts from your work.

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